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Since 1935, Dalmasso has been a leading specialist in the following construction techniques : o All types of reinforced concrete, poured concrete, rough concrete forms, prefabricated panels, o As well as the more traditional techniques of stone wall facing and other types of facing, specialty subcontracting, etc. In order to maintain its technological leadership, Dalmasso's workers have always been trained in-house. Our elders have taught newcomers. Thus, their knowledge has been passed down from one generation to the next. A short history of the company
- 1935-1945 : The townhouse construction years
- 1945-1960 : The reconstruction and renovation period
- 1960-1985 : Major apartment building and other residential projects
- 1985-2000 : The building of prestigious villas, office buildings, commercial installations, public service units (schools, media libraries, clinics), and major renovation of villas and apartment buildings.

Dalmasso Construction
Our customers can now take advantage of our experience as a General Contractor and deal with only one supplier for all shell construction and interior works. Dalmasso is able to totally execute projects from beginning to end : from the drawing-up of the plans for the construction permit, to landscaping, interior decoration and even furnishings. o The nature of our projects, as well as the types of customers we have, often imply very tight schedules. Our experience allows us to always meet deadlines and still guarantee the highest level of construction quality. o In order to satisfy the demands of numerous customers in this field, for specific projects, Dalmasso has expanded its activities in Real Estate Development.
El Dorado (Cannes) 1991
La Bergerie (Cannes) 1999
Port La Galère (Théoule / Mer) 1974 - 1982
Micromania (Sophia-Antipolis) 1988
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